The leggings Chrissy Teigen is obsessed with will make you LOL

Goldsheep (along with Terez) is a leader in the marketplace for bold, statement legging prints. If you’re wearing one of their leggings you will be noticed. All of their prints are fun and high energy, so it’s fitting that Chrissy Teigen is a fan. But when she posted the above image to her social media channels I knew that Goldsheep had taken it to the next level and I was immediately intrigued.

For $250 you can have leggings customized with a print of your choosing. They’ll send you a digital mock-up for your legging after you email in an image before moving forward with production, so that they can confirm the design. Below is an example of a mock-up they sent me with my husband’s head. I mean… how can anyone not be obsessed?

The last time I wore a pair of leggings from Goldsheep was about 2-3 years ago. I love their prints, but didn’t love the fit of their leggings and when I’m wearing such a bold design I really want to be sucked in so I don’t feel like I’m jiggling all over the place. They seem to have re-worked their fabrics – and they’re great now. The designs/cuts are slimming and you can comfortably sweat in a print with a loved one’s head or any one of their other vibrant leggings. I wore the custom ones and people were asking me about them everywhere (two people asked if the head was Drake…). It’s rare for novelty leggings to feel and look this good.

Goldsheep also always has themed leggings (and tops) to go along with holidays (from Christmas to St. Patty’s), so these also work great for people who don’t like to dress-up, but still want to be festive. Basically thanks to these leggings I dressed up as my husband for Purim, which is today (the Jewish Halloween) and I didn’t have to worry about anyone having the same “costume.”

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