The Luxury of Beauty: All About Eve by Eve’s

The Luxury of Beauty

As much as I love the big box Sephora or Nordstrom experience, there’s a lot to be said for a well-curated boutique where you know that every last item in the store is of the highest caliber. Such is the case with Eve by Eve’s, a gorgeous shop located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Not only did I love browsing the clothes, beauty, and home goods, but I was thrilled to discover that they have their own line of luxurious (and surprisingly well-priced) cosmetics! From their jet black liquid liner (the best I’ve ever tried) and equally smudge-proof gel liner to the creamy, beautifully-packaged lipsticks, Eve by Eve’s turned me into a fan with the mere flick of a cat eye. The products are made in small quantities to preserve quality, using natural ingredients sourced from all over the globe – algae from France, water essence from Switzerland, pigments from Italy…when you sit down at your vanity, you truly have the world in your hands. What could be more lavish than that?

The Luxury of BeautyWhen it comes to applying eye makeup, I start with gel liner to define my cat eye. This is one of the best I’ve ever used! Unlike other brands’ that dry and harden the brush, this stays soft for layering.

Gel Eyeliner ($35)

The Luxury of BeautyI’m meticulous when it comes to my cat eye, making this shaping brush a lifesaver when I apply gel liner.

No. 15 Eyeliner Brush ($38.80) and Gel Eyeliner ($35)

The Luxury of BeautyThis is one of my favorites from the collection. A slick coat of Eve by Eve’s Jet Black liquid liner sets the gel liner, and it DOES NOT MOVE! I did two photo shoots and shot a video before heading out for the night, and by the time I got home, my cat eye was still purring.

Jet Black Liquid Eyeliner ($24)

The Luxury of BeautyI’m a mascara fiend, and this one comes dual-ended! Apply the conditioning base coat to lengthen and thicken lashes, then add a couple of coats of the Drama Luxe Gel Mascara for a falsie effect. Try it for 30% off with the code LoveMascara. Just be careful if you have lash extensions; this is fairly water-resistant.

Drama Luxe Gel Mascara ($38)

The Luxury of BeautyForget globby glosses. This lip luster has just the hydrating feeling your pout craves, and it stays on longer than other high-end alternatives. If you’re looking for something romantic, I love the Rose Bouquet and Dusty Rose hues!

Lip Gloss (1/$38, 2/$39, 3/$49, or 5/$59)

The Luxury of BeautyThese brushes are so soft! I travel a lot, so this pack of seven will be with me often.

Jetsetter Travel Brush Set ($225)

The Luxury of BeautyFor the woman who has always wanted false lashes, but didn’t want to bother with the hassle. Or for the woman who’s tired of said hassle! With Drama Luxe Gel Mascara, lash extensions just aren’t necessary.

Drama Luxe Gel Mascara ($38)

The Luxury of BeautyThis is one of the best gel liners I’ve ever used. The brush doesn’t get stiff, and the gel glides on easily and stays.

No. 15 Eyeliner Brush ($38.80) and Gel Eyeliner ($35)

The Luxury of BeautyLuminous Shine Volumizing Lip Luster in Rose Bouquet and Dusty Rose

Lip Gloss (1/$38, 2/$39, 3/$49, or 5/$59)

The Luxury of BeautyNever travel again without a complete set of brushes!

Jetsetter Travel Brush Set ($225)

The Luxury of BeautyI’m not normally a lipstick girl (I’m more into glosses), but thanks to a light, moisturizing finish, this has me converted.

Drama Luxe Lip Color (1/$38, 2/$39, 3/$49, or 5/$59)

The Luxury of BeautyJust as you should switch between shampoos, you should switch between cleansers. I like to go back and forth from an oil-based one to a foaming one. I think it’s psychological because when I get a nice, rich foam, it just feels like it’s working better!

Lavender Micro-Foam Cleanser ($48)

The Luxury of BeautyUsing a brush to apply a face mask is so much more sanitary than doing it by hand! Your hands stay clean and the mask? Bacteria-free.

Hyaluronic Acid Express Moisturizing Brush Mask ($158)

The Luxury of BeautyI would say this is the best product from Eve by Eve’s. With a point for precision lining and just the right thickness, it gives my favorite liner of all-time from Tom Ford a serious run for its money.

Jet Black Liquid Liner ($24)

The Luxury of BeautyIf you’re overwhelmed by all the info, pick up this kit and try all Eve by Eve’s masks to find your favorites!

Spa Experience Facial Set ($115)

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