The new beauty line focused entirely on healing baby (and sometimes mom!)


If you’ve been following my posts lately you might have noticed I have baby on the brain and Bambini Furtuna is among the most impressive beauty brands I’ve come across whilst obsessing. It’s a pediatrician and mother-formulated, solution-oriented line from the founder of Furtuna. By solution oriented I mean that they have products to tackle common baby issues like ear aches, scrapes, and tummy upsets. The naturally formulated line launched just last month and I love that I can shop the products without obsessing over the ingredients list because everything is free of potentially dangerous chemicals and fillers  – besides complying with U.S. standards (U.S. has a frighteningly low bar) they also comply with E.U. and Environmental Working Group standards.

The base of the line ($32-$38) is a mix of plants, herbs, and extra-virgin olive oil. They’re meant for children 6 months and over and moms will find some of the products useful for themselves too. I especially recommend the Stuffy Nose and Cough oil blend to ease congestion. The line is a great complement to Mama Mio’s offering.

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