The Orange Owl Lip Balm: Orange Crush

I am obsessed with soft and smooth lips! And for all of you snobs living outside of Texas, a winter chill will be coming soon, so I’m sure you’ll want to keep your pout protected. When you’re on the move all the time, a simple chapstick tube is the most convenient applicator. The problem is that so many of these tube balms are made with parabens and other chemicals. Kids are always asking to borrow your chapstick, and I don’t want to expose my son to anything like that. The Orange Owl, based in Vermont, makes a safe and soothing lip balm ($3.75) in five different flavors! My favorite is Citrus Splash. It smells and tastes like orange sherbet (definitely kid-friendly!). Fortunately, these products are all made organically and with natural oils (jojoba and coconut), so I don’t fear swallowing it! And the environmentally conscious approach doesn’t stop there – each tube is made of recycled plastic.

Lip balm and other eco-friendly beauty products are available at the Orange Owl.

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  1. December 8, 2012 / 3:10 pm

    Hi Tina,

    Always happy to hear a good review! These lip balms have been selling like hot cakes in this weather here in the northeast.

    Thank you for supporting small business!
    Akshata for The Orange Owl

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