The Row Drum Bag 12: The Beat Goes On

The Row Drum Bag 12

With higher volume and nearly instantaneous exposure, luxury fashion is accessible to everyone now – and that’s a positive development. Luxury fashion shouldn’t be a clique of “mean girls” (and boys) but an alluring force in which everyone who’s interested can potentially take part. With rapid-fast technology and the resulting democratization of fashion, consumers are becoming more and more educated. Fashion is no longer a rarefied thing one can only read about in glossies. On the flipside, the woman who invests in a say, $4,600 bag might be worried it will become ubiquitous by the time she carries it. Thanks to the consistent gifting of goods to celebrities, the onslaught of social media saturation, and high fashion’s consequent overexposure, a special purchase is potentially less likely to feel quite so special anymore.

Enter a bag like The Row’s Drum. The Olsens have gone back to early-to-mid-’90s minimalism with this duffel-inspired carryall, featuring grained leather and a wide, punctuating shoulder strap. This is the kind of bag that will appeal to the genuine luxury-loving Snob, the one who doesn’t want to see herself – or her new, expensive purchase – coming and going. There’s an unarguable need to slow things down (designers are churning out four to six collections a year, and trends are jutting in and out of style as quickly as one can blink), and a discreet, timeless piece like this does just that. So in the spirit of cutting out the aesthetic-minded noise and electing longstanding pieces over fast fashion, let’s invest in more bags like this one. The Row bag at Barneys New York for $4,600.

The Row Drum Bag 12

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