The Summer Bags You Need Right Now.

Out of all the seasons, Summer challenges us to completely offload most of our things down to the nitty gritty. You’ve heard the term Spring Cleaning but I felt Summer needed something equivalent so I invented the term #summerunloading. 

Summer unloading invites us to throw out actual weight from our bags but also the proverbial kind, from our minds. In practical terms, lugging extra heft usually leads to more sweating, which is extra exertion we could all do without. 

Guys, you might’ve picked up from my previous posts that I’m nowhere near the crest of Summer, I’m actually smack bang in lip shivering Winter so it’s really making me lust after warm weather, when I actually enjoy participating in fashion decisions. 

As I have a trip planned to San Francisco in December that also means I get another helping of Winter. Lucky me. But no, spying Summer bags for your Summer needs has given me a case of hygge. Thinking about lovely bags, tea and lemon meringue pie (serious)  does stave off the cold just a fraction and keeps me occupied while I tame my cold away. 

Oh, and before you get too carried away with #summerunloading, please don’t skimp on the sunscreen. Opposite to unloading, you should be totally overloading. And take a break from that retin A, please!

Netting bags

What I love about netting bags is that you can see where your things are so you’re not in a predicament of staring down a bottomless hobo. Sure, I guess people can stalk its contents but the things you show to the world gives a peek into your personality (Bag Tinder, anyone?). The French call it Filet bags, basically translating to fisherman’s net and grannies have long used it to tote their fruit and groceries, fresh from the markets (Common in France, I believe).

NANNACAY Fishnet pompom-embellished macramé tote, $200



SOPHIE ANDERSON Macramé shoulder bag, $255

Vetements Granny medium leather bag, $4,037

Small Bags

Season after season, bags are getting smaller and smaller. The fashion police have mandated that you streamline your belongings. Luckily, Summer makes enforcing small bags less of a threat. I remember I had to borrow my sisters Coach crossbody bag for a days excursion to New York City. This was at the height of Summer (and really muggy) and I’ll let you know, that bag saved me!

JW ANDERSON Mini Pierce Calf Leather Shoulder BagNOW: $1,036.00

Basket bags

Woven basket bags in cotton, rattan, raffia, wicker and straw are still a thing – three years strong. At this point, I can’t imagine it not ever being a thing for Spring and Summer. You can’t go wrong with a warm sundress and a basket bag, and in my opinion are the perfect bedfellows for lazy summer days. Oh, and I put the Chanel one in there, well, because it’s Chanel. Don’t mind the $12,000 price tag.

PRADA Small Basket Crossbody Bag, $1,650.00

DRAGON DIFFUSION  Nantucket woven-leather basket bag, $412

Belt Bags

You might be casting aspersions towards belt bags but I’m putting it out there that I think its dubious past won’t be causing involuntary frowns for much longer. It looks super chic as a belt to cinch in a blazer, for example. Not to mention, it’s perfect when you need to juggle four ice cream cones. I never thought I would be saying this, but I think belt bags are finally here to stay.

MARC JACOBS The Hip Shot convertible color-block textured-leather belt bag, $350

GUCCI  GG Marmont quilted-leather belt bag, $1,029

GUCCI Ophidia small box vintage GG logo belt-bag, $1,103

VALENTINO Rockstud Spike belt bag, $1,348

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