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Virtue is a recently launched brand that uses an ingredient called Alpha Keratin 60ku (aka a protein that’s virtually identical to the keratin that makes up 90% of your hair, skin and nails) to make all of its haircare products more effective in how they repair damage caused by coloring, heat styling, and environmental aggressors. The company was founded by Melisse Shaban, who worked at Fekkai, and she’s joined by celebrity hair specialists including Sharon Doram (think Kate Hudson and Linda Evangelista), Adir Abergel who was recently named creative director and regularly works with stars like Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon, and Emma Watson.

The current line currently includes five product lines: Recovery, Smooth, Full, Correct and Create (shampoos, conditioners, creams, serums and stylers).

To find out more about the line and to get the scoop on the latest hair trend we spoke to all three hair influencers!

Sharon Doram, Color Director of Virtue  

How can we extend hair color between coloring? 

A great way is to only color roots at the hairline and part line. For highlighted blondes just touch up roots at root-line after 5-6 weeks of highlighting. Allow the natural base to peek through and even add low-lites for dimension. This will extend the life of your color for 6-8 weeks. Do the same for single process blondes, brunettes and redheads, this extends the life of color 3-4 weeks. Do not over shampoo. Make sure to use a great shampoo and conditioner like Virtue’s Recovery or Smooth shampoo and conditioner. This will ensure your hair color will stay vibrant and lustrous.

What are some of the hair color trends we should know about? 

This summer blondes are less platinum yet still pale ashy blonde on blonde. Blonde is more monotone with baby highlights for face framing.

What about celebrities, color-wise? 

Celebrities are all over the place. Brunettes are in every direction from chocolate to slate brown to soft sun-kissed brunettes lightened by honey highlights – think Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez… Though redheads are so eye catching, they are most fickle during summer months. They fade so quickly to a softer hue, but they’re still popular with celebrities like Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain.

What should we do with hair when weather turns hot and humid?

The best solution is to slick hair back, pull hair into a high pony, or if your hair is long enough into a  braid. Products like Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Oil, Virtue Unfrizz, and Sally Hershberger’s 24K Texturizing Paste make styling hair super simple. The key is to work with these products when hair is damp and not totally dry.  These products are color safe.

Linda Evangelista in Sharon Dorram’s hair chair 

Melisse Shaban, CEO of Virtue

Virtue products are made using a protein that you say is virtually identical to keratin… why not just use keratin? 

Our exclusive Alpha Keratin 60ku is keratin.  In fact, we are the only company to use real human keratin protein, extracted from human hair, as opposed to animal by-product or amino acid fragments.  We say it is virtually identical to the keratin in your hair because the extraction process may cause subtle changes to the shape of the molecule, but rest assured, the Alpha Keratin 60ku in Virtue products is the closest you will find to the primary component of your own human hair.

There are more and more pros coming out saying that shampoos do nothing besides dry out your hair and that conditioners are enough to both cleanse and condition – what do you think about that?

It’s my belief that shampoo is needed – at least occasionally – to prevent product buildup and keep your scalp functioning at its best.  A good quality shampoo like the ones in the Virtue line will cleanse gently and effectively without harsh drying effects.  Of course, it’s always best to follow any shampoo with a great conditioner suited to the needs of your own particular hair type.

Abergel is such a star in the hair industry the New York Times did a full feature on him

Adir Abergel, Creative Director of Virtue

What are the major celebrity hair trends for summer 2017?

For summer 2017, we are seeing some pretty extreme trends right now in color and cut. Whether it’s bleached hair or super short cuts like these gorgeous girls: Cara Delevingne, bleaching and cutting her hair into a pixie and then shaving it all off for a film and Kirsten Stewart – in early spring she debuted a buzz cut that was bleached blonde now she’s wearing a pixie cut with darker roots.

Shags are also making a big come back, it’s the mid 1970’s influence on fashion. Choppy bags and lots layers.  Look to Alexa Chung for the perfect shag. Bangs are also a big trend. All different lengths of bangs like the Birkenesque bangs on Jessica Biel. Also seeing bangs on Emily Ratajkowski, Rashida Jones, and Emilia Clarke.

What hair trends do you wish would just go away?

For me it’s all about woman celebrating their individuality. I don’t believe in trends and I like when a woman expresses herself. Hair is your greatest accessory.

Do you have any tips for keeping hair looking great when it’s very hot outside?

A great tip is to make sure your hair is conditioned and as healthy as it can be. I recommend the Recovery Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner. I love this combo – it’s my personal Virtue cocktail. You want to lock in your style make sure its humidity proof. After conditioning towel dry hair and use the Virtue Polish Unfriss Cream. This is a leave in treatment that conditions and smooth hair, eliminates frizz and lock out humidity. Then twist hair into a knot.  Apply skincare and makeup and allow hair to dry. Once its completely dry, remove the twist and you will have a beauty soft natural humidity proof wave.

For an over-night tip for creating loose waves, shampoo and condition. Then, while hair is wet create a tight low braid. Spray the braid and entire head with a Beach Spray. Sleep with braid and in the am, remove the braid spray, comb through with your fingers to create a piecey, tousled look that has texture. This works for all hair types.

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