The Big Pony Collection Part 4: The Stylish


How do you define your style? Though my taste has evolved through the years, my style remains fairly the same as it always has– a mix of high and low with a healthy dose of vintage. I especially appreciate timeless and luxurious accessories, such as vintage jewels, because they add glamour to anything you wear (including your wedding gown!).

The Stylish Fragrance is the last of the four fragrances we have been reviewing as part of a collaboration with Big Pony Fragrances. It is probably my favorite of the four scents with a fruity and woodsy tinge. I put it on early in the morning the other day and at dusk it still held a noticeable linger of scent so that I didn’t have to reapply before dinner.

I almost forgot this is a men’s fragrance as friends complimented me on the scent at lunch. I merely told them it was Big Pony Fragrance #4– The Stylish and it wasn’t until after lunch that I remembered to tell them it is a fragrance I now share with my hubby. The girls looked surprised at first but warmed up to the idea as we sipped champagne and shared tales of other items we take from our mates (I bet they are all using their hubby’s fragrances now as I type!).

I have really enjoyed this series of posts for Big Pony Fragrances and hope you have as well.  Would love to know if you now spritz your man’s fragrance after reading our reviews!  Happy New Year everyone!



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