The Carnivale Continues…Stranded on an Island Party

Carnivale of Couture #3 – Hosted by Shangri Law

Let’s see, what would The Bag Snob need if stranded at a lifelong party on a tropical island? A lifetime supply of Cristal champagne is definitely on top of our list. A great bag is also in order cuz you won’t be able to buy new bags if you’re stuck on an island for life. We would bring along our 35cm Hermes Birkin in blue jean – a classic for a lifetime. It’s also a great color for the tropics and big enough to fit all these fashion items that we simply can not live without:


Hermes Cotton Scarf in grande: (not the silk cuz we’re not 60 years old, plus it doesn’t hold shape as well when worn as halter top) This is so versatile, it can protect our hair from that fierce tropical sun when wrapped as skullcap, may be worn as bandeau/halter/tank top, or skirt. It may also be used as a thin shawl or blanket to cuddle on the beach under the stars. Or you can say screw fashion and the dumb lifelong party and tie it on a big tree branch to use as an SOS flag when low flying planes pass by.


Christian Louboutin platform heels – The thick and sturdy heel is great as a hammer to smash up fruits with hard shells, fish, or any other small animals. It is also useful to collect rainwater and is a handy weapon for self defense when cannibals show up.


DIAMONDS DIAMONDS DIAMONDS – Lots of bling, the bigger the better. Diamonds are not only beautiful, they are very handy as sun reflectors to start fires.


Sunscreen (like the totally amazing Peter Thomas Roth Titanium Dioxide Sunblock SPF 30)- Not a fashion item you say? Well, your skin is the most important fashion statement, who cares what you are wearing if you have wrinkly baggy dried up old skin!


  1. January 23, 2006 / 3:41 am

    Nice picks. Anything Louboutin is a MUST for tropical island stranded-ness. My shoe would be the iconic black patent stiletto with bloody red sole! Nothing like freaking out the natives.

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