The Fashion Designer- A dying breed………….

The Bag Snob is sad to announce the departure of one of the best talents in the fashion industry. Phoebe Philo is parting ways with the House of Chloe.

“Personal” reasons were cited for the departure but we know better. The Richemont Group, who own Chloe amongst many other brands, are notorious for stifling their creative talent (remember Stella?)

But this is nothing new in the fashion industry, PPR SA famously rid of creative genius Tom Ford last year and LVMH has turned the talented Marc Jacobs into a blind and stupid cloning machine. These conglomerates don’t care about design or creativity, it’s all about marketing campaigns and mass consumption. A middle-aged Texas businessman bought Jimmy Choo for $100mil resulting in this hideous mess of a bag.

What is happening to the fashion industry? And why are we, the consumers, not demanding better products? We might as well shop at Target. At least in that case we won’t be footing the bill for multimillion dollar marketing campaigns and the cocain habit of it’s latest spokemodel.

Roland Mouret is rumored to be the top pick to take over the reigns at Chloe but we doubt that will work. Remember, this is the rebel who walked out of his design house and lost the right to his own name a few months ago! Don’t expect him to kowtow to the evil giant, or at least we hope he doesn’t.


  1. laura
    January 8, 2006 / 2:29 pm

    chloe = phoebe philo equals ;(

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