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Chanel wallets

It seems everyone is on the hunt for the perfect wallet, we’ve received numerous emails from readers who can’t seem to find one that fits all of their needs. I’ve gone through half a dozen wallets myself in the last few years and my favorite is my Chanel long caviar leather wallet with separate compartments for foreign currency, checks, cash, and credit cards. Wallets are very personal as they contain our entire lives in them and they are used more than any other accessory so we want them to look pretty, be functional, and they need to be sturdy enough to stand the abuse they are put through on a daily basis! With that in mind, here are a few of the best choices online:

todskatewallet.jpg If you are looking for a wallet that will stand the changing styles of time, Tod’s is your answer. Kate long wallet has many useful compartments all zipped up so you won’t have little pieces of receipts and/or money hanging out. Tod’s wallets are just as well made as their bags so you can expect this wallet to last you for years but why would you want it to? It’s so boring to use the same wallet forever. $345 at eLuxury

marcjacobswalletquilted.jpgMarc Jacobs quilted wallet in cream quilted leather is subtle and pretty. Unlike some of his latest atrocities, I wouldn’t be embarassed to carry this, logo and all. $425 at Net-a-Porter

redpaddingtonwallet.jpgChloe’s Red paddington wallet is trendy and fun, I absolutely love the miniature padlock and outer compartment, you can hide valuables that aren’t used often in there. It’s also cute enough to double as a clutch without the hefty Paddington bag price tag. Let’s just hope it doesn’t weigh a ton. $590 at Net-a-Porter

bottegawalletbrown.jpgBottega Veneta French flap wallet (4.5 inches long) or Bottega woven wallet (8 inches long). I love the signature Bottega woven leather on the wallets, as for the size, I prefer the longer wallets because I have so many things that need to be with me at all times! $410 – $530 at Saks.comBottegawallet2.jpg


Louis Vuitton French purse wallet is a good basic in its classic Epi leather, durable and scratch proof, this is a good choice if you throw your wallet around alot. The coin purse is on the backside rather than inside, which comes in handy if you like to lug around lots of coins but there are only 4 credit card slots, which is actually plenty, how many credit cards do you need to carry around anyway? $635 at eLuxury

pradawalletcontinental.jpgIf your style is sleek and chic, Prada’s Continental wallet is perfect for you. How fabulous is the metallic leather? I have a Prada checkbook made of the same leather from college and it still looks new. $385 at Saks.


  1. rosy
    January 3, 2007 / 9:52 am

    wow! i have just discovered your site bagsnobs. i read about it in Vogue(uk). i think youve got a great site and i am in love with Chloe’s red paddington wallet! i know i will be visiting your site lots! xxxx

  2. Alicia
    February 22, 2007 / 8:38 pm

    ahhh, thank you. this post is old and everything, but i’m having a hard time finding any wallet, really. i’m torn between the paddington and the marc jacobs, i’m thinking i might go with the paddigton, its amazing.

  3. lilie
    May 2, 2007 / 2:08 pm

    this is really helpful.. I actuallly just bought a saffiano Prada wallet in white and still waiting for it to arrive. but this Prada in Silver is just mesmerizing… sice I bought a smaller one, it shouldnt hurt to but another one in long will it?

  4. cheryl
    August 4, 2007 / 4:05 pm

    i like the ysl downtown long crackled patent purse. i have one in black and it’s by far one of the best i’ve got. i got the louis vuitton french purse in white multicolore (daddy bought it to match my bag for 18th birthday). now i look back i cringe at every moment i used to lust for the multicolore series when it first came out cause now everyone has it! another one would be dior’s long cannage D logo purse. the stitching’s fab. it was my fave purse until this ysl 🙂

    (i’ve been tagging lots cause i’ve finally gotten down to commenting on this site i’ve been reading for ages!)

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