There’s Such A Thing As A Fitness Mattress And You Might Need One


Working out is essential – at least for me – for tone and feel-good endorphins to fight stress. It’s not enough, however, to have the body I want. This was confirmed a few weeks ago when my trainer asked me what my diet is like. He’s Israeli and as such tends to be no BS. He told me that for how hard I push during our workouts I should be 2-3% less body fat. I explained that I have an addiction to cookies… But that’s not even the whole puzzle! Aside from your workout routine, diet and stress level, there’s also sleep – and 8 hours of sleep isn’t enough, it needs to be quality sleep. Even if you’re in your bed for a solid amount of hours if you’re not getting restful sleep (i.e. you keep waking up at night) or can’t turn off your brain you’ll never wake up truly rested or 100% ready for your next workout session. There’s a reason coaches say sleep is the best form of recovery.

While cutting out cookies or mitigating stress is easier said than done, there is something helpful AND easy that you CAN do: buy a new mattress. There are a handful of brands that have come out in the last few years – most are online, direct-to-consumer meaning prices aren’t as high as you think – that focus on so-called fitness mattresses.

As mentioned, sleep is important for so many things, including proper workout recovery, which is why many athletes opt for brands like Eve or Leesa. Among the features these mattress have are new generation memory foam that not only distribute pressure evenly for a more supportive and comfortable sleeping surface, but are responsive (i.e. more bounce than the run-of-the-mill). They also have recovery technology integrated into the memory foam that make cooler, which is as essential as orthopedic support for proper recovery.

Aside from Eve and Leesa, there’s also Bear Mattress and IRONMAN, which are worth looking into but I like Eve the best – and not only because they’re less than half the price of Tempur-Pedic. Aside from the above they’re also made with a proprietary foam, which is dust mite-resistant (very helpful if you have allergies!) and they make it easy for you to order and try out at home (100 night trial). You’re also likely to notice that when you sleep well, you’re less likely to wake up ravenously hungry. That said, I still haven’t managed to kick my cookie addiction…


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