These products will help preserve your hair color

Color maintenance or, in my case, blonde maintenance, is more than just using shampoo and conditioner formulated for colored hair. That is, of course, essential or at the very least looking for hair products that explicitly say they’re hydrating, but that’s not all you can do to preserve hair color. There are a few key products you can use to extend the time between highlighting/coloring appointments. For starters Oribe Power Drops Color Preservation Booster ($58) is loaded in vitamin C and antioxidants, which work to preserve color by protecting against UV rays and other environmental aggressors. Basically it’s coating hair with a thin film to protect strands. The drops also hydrate so they actually work particularly well during the winter when most people’s hair is on the dry side (and remember there are UV rays year-round). They go on weightless so you can use them daily even if you don’t plan on washing your hair.

Once highlights/color start growing out Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray ($32) is an easy and quick-drying way to cover up roots to let you go a little more time till your next hair appointment and I find it more natural than most mascara-like wands that are designed to do the same thing. How do you work to preserve your color? 

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