These workout clothes suck in love handles 

While I’ve been pretty good about doing home workouts while quarantined at home (a mix of my own and Obe), I’ve also been pretty good about savagely eating entire cakes and blocks of cheese (among other things). I have been using this time to do home beauty treatments that I otherwise might not have been doing (things like strengthening my nails, face rolling regularly, dry brushing etc.), but I still struggle to feel my best many days. Making an effort to dress up for my workouts helps – even if no one is around to see my outfit. When I feel good about myself I’m more likely to stick to the whole workout (somehow it always seems when I’m most in need of working out, I have the hardest time actually doing it).

To that end Gigi C is amazing. They’ve mastered fabric combinations. Their pants don’t stretch as much as most workout brands do so I wouldn’t use them for yoga, but for my HITT, dance cardio and toning workouts, they’re amazing. They suck everything in. The pants are my favorite because they hit the stomach at the right spot to help flatten it out. Plus, you can wear light colors – even white – and not worry about anyone seeing your privates (anyone who has shopped for white leggings knows that’s insanely rare!) The fabrics are ticker than pretty much any brand I’ve come across, but yet they don’t add bulk when you wear them . Most impressively the line was designed by a collage student who isn’t even old enough to drink yet she has come out with truly unique designs!

When the brand first came out the sizing ran very small (I always opt for a small in athleisure and I needed a large!), but they are now running true to size.

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