This Domestic Item Could Be A Trend Any Day Now

So, there’s a potential trend that’s bubbling under the surface that might hit the streets any day now. Remember the crumpled brown paper bag that you used to stash your lunch in during high school? Yes, the lunch bag is becoming fodder for fashions latest imitation of life. It’s actually not new though; a lot of ideas get recycled in fashion, and the last time the lunch bag idea took off it probably came from Jil Sanders back in 2012, when their bag caused an uproar around the relativity of its price for what it essentially represented – a glorified lunch bag.

That’s not deterring brands though, fast forward to 2018 and I’m seeing enough lunch bag interpretations being stocked at major retailers that it could eventually catch on. The literal interpretation of Simon Miller’s Lunch Bag clutch, down to the crinkly effect is a must if you’re serious about rocking this look.

I find the concepts that so many contemporary brands are playing with right now usually needs to at least satisfy this one criteria: being Instagram-friendly.  There’s no doubt the lunch bag has an interesting silhouette that the indie upstart likely chose for its ability to spark a pair of poor glazed eyes out from the visual complacency that can come with addictive Insta scrolling. And if those pair of eyes happen to be from a style star, that could mean this humble domestic item could translate into full blown trend.

Do you see yourself clutching a glorified lunch bag? If I were to choose, it would be Simon Miller’s Lunch Bag clutch in crinkled leather which I mentioned earlier, but on the condition that it’s in black  (for an unassuming distressed addition to my simple outfits). Indeed, you’ll notice most of the lunch bag designs I found below are in black. Don’t underestimate the power of black to offset some of the gimmick!

Here are some lunch bag clutches for your consideration if you’re keen to try the look.

Monse, Leather Paper Bag

Blink and you’ll miss, Monse’s paper bag from their Fall ’18 Ready-to-Wear collection is already sold out on Moda Operandi! From the master minds behind Oscar De La Renta’s Creative Directors,  it takes brown bagging to another level.


Helmut Lang, Lunch Bag Clutch
Helmut Lang brought out a design for their Spring/Summer ’18 collection. With a combined self conscious size and sharp lines, this is no ordinary tote. If you’re into a roomy bag this season, make sure it’s structured! At SSense, $648
Here’s the side view of the bag:
Alexander Wang, Prisma Skeletal Lunch Bag
This is probably my top contender for lunch bag inspired shape that will have some staying power after the novelty of carrying a crumpled sack around wears off. At Shopbop, $895
Marie Turnor
The feminine designer has an assortment of crowd pleasing roll top clutches. If you’re into pops of warm and candy-colored shades, run to this store.  The designer was inspired by watching a Parisian lady carrying an actual paper bag. It’s true, when you’re a born Francophone you’re immediately better than the rest of us. At Shopbop, $270


Simon Miller, Lunchbag Clutch

 Ah,  Simon Miller of Bonsai bag fame is adding to their platter of goods with a lunch bag clutch in two sizes: 20 cm and 30 cm. Could this be the next insider IT bag? My fave is in black. At Netaporter, $475.


Yohji-yamamoto, Lunch Bag Clutch

The bag was made for fashion-minded lads but the good thing about this lunch bag style is that it’s unisex in the best possible way. Looking to exude street cred? This is it. Even the bag is agreeing with me! It’s sold out at the moment, get on their list to get notified when it’s restocked at Farfetch.



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