This New Beauty Range Is All About Ugly Fruits

A few years ago while on line at Whole Foods to buy fish I found myself reading the fine print on the labels to kill time. I was shocked to read that the salmon I was about to buy was finished off with artificial coloring to make it more pink! Eww! Seems very un-wholesome. It’s obvious that we eat with our eyes, which is why many produce that are perfectly well, good, and totally delicious to eat are either altered or discarded if they don’t look like the picture perfect image most people have in their mind. This is not only bad for our own health, but for the environment. The Body Shop – which I have to admit I haven’t been to since Junior High (some 20 years!) – has just launched a really interesting line based off of these “ugly foods” and it’s got me curious about the brand once again.

The line is 100% vegan and formulated with Community Trade organic banana puree made from bananas that won’t sell due to wonky imperfections. The line includes: Limited Edition Banana Shower Cream, Limited Edition Banana Body Yogurt, and Limited Edition Banana Nourishing Body Butter. The line also includes ginger and carrot-based products.

It’s also worth noting that promoting so-called ugly foods is something that supermarkets around the world have been trying to do for years, but as far as I know this is the first major beauty brand to get behind such an initiative. Above is an image from a campaign by a French supermarket chain.

Given that Whole Foods is now trying to appeal to a wider audience – including those that are budget conscious – how amazing would it be if they started pushing “ugly food” at a discount.  Plus you’d get an Instagram shot out of all of the below…

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