This new startup is taking the guesswork out of supplements

There are a growing number of startups that are taking a personalized and customizable approach to supplements – and for good reason. It is beyond overwhelming to go shopping for supplements! There are so many BAD products out there. Not only have studies found things like lead and arsenic in leading manufacturer products, many of them straight up lie about how many actives are in each of their pills – and this can be dangerous. Consumer Reports is a great resource to prevent you from doing more damage than good. I’m at the point, especially because I’m trying to have a baby, where I would never buy supplements even from Whole Foods or my local Health Nut because I just don’t trust them.  Thank goodness for honest brands like Vitamin Packs!

Vitamin Packs will only send you supplements after you take their assessment (it’s quick, less than 5 minutes), which not only asks you about how much you move, your diet, and goals but also what medications you’re on so they can avoid giving you anything that might not mix well. This is a game changer. I’m on so many different meds at the moment because of some fertility issues it’s a relief to know I’m actually helping my body with what they’re giving me. They even have an option to check if you’re trying to have a baby or are currently pregnant and the startup is backed by a long list of medical doctors.

I also love that the packs are pre-portioned out. It’s frustrating when I can’t remember if I took something or not because I have so much on my mind! The prices depend on what exactly you end up needing, but you can get 30% off your first two orders right now.

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