Tiffany & Co. Savoy Headpiece: The Great Gatsby

Tiffany & Co. Savoy Headpiece

When a jewel has been designed for the film version of The Great Gatsby, you know it’s going to be as over-the-top opulent as the titular character himself. Costume designer Catherine Martin collaborated with Tiffany’s to create the headpiece for Carey Mulligan’s character, the charming Daisy Buchanan. In the novel Gatsby says Daisy’s voice is “full of money” and it seems her hair is, too! The platinum band drips in pearls and 25 karats of diamonds. I was immediately awestruck – Art Deco is my favorite style era and Fitzgerald my favorite author. After a couple of sleepless nights (nursing a sick 8-year old), I misread the price as $2,000 and leapt for the phone only to realize I had missed a couple of zeros. Try stealing the look on a smaller scale with a headband like Deepa Gurnani’s (on Shopbop for $65). Available at Tiffany & Co. for $200,000.

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