TOM FORD MÉTALLIQUE: it smells as good as it looks

Tom Ford is at it again. He just launched Metallique ($150), which like pretty much all of his scents (White Suede is still my forever favorite!) is impossible to ignore. Love it or hate it, it’s a unique scent that people will undoubtedly stop to ask you about. I love it for this time of year because while it’s a powerful scent, it has a lightness to it that makes it appealing even in the dead of summer. What do I mean? It has floral notes, which you wouldn’t expect from the sexy in-your-face metallic packaging, but it’s bright with woodsy undertones (ie it’s sexy!) so it would actually work for men as well even though it’s a female fragrance. In keeping with the metallic trend, I could never pull it off, but I’m also totally obsessed with the metallic packaging of his new lavender lipstick (some other colors available as well).



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