Tonya Hawkes Fall 2013 Collection: For Your Eyes Only

Tonya Hawkes Clutch

I love the uniqueness of Tonya Hawkes trunks; if you’re carrying one of her creations, there’s simply no mistaking it. Tonya reimagines vintage classics until they are totally twisted and perfect for the modern woman who craves something you won’t see everywhere else.

For Fall ’13, she has treated and painted python skins for a refreshing twist. Herringbone patterns? All-out abstractions? And topped with jet-black or deep-red Lucite? Each piece is as mysterious and wonderful as the woman who chooses to carry it. It’s the marbleized feather pattern of the Piume that’s my favorite of the season. And then there’s her original horn print on lacquered calfskin. Not to mention the 3-D cubist kangaroo fur clutches!

“It was the color and texture mixing…that really captured my soul,” Tonya says of the collection. “When I can achieve the right balance of color and texture, I feel like I have accomplished my objectives in designing something fresh.” One-part modern art, one-part African-inspired exoticism, and all parts top-notch style you can’t find from any one else: Hawkes has outdone herself this season.

Prices range from $803 to $957.

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