Top 5 Bags at the Met: Bags to Sin For

As with any fancy gala that brings in droves of celebs and wannabes, we’re always ready for some serious bag action!  Sharon already highlighted the best, worst and WTF fashion moments from the Met Gala carpet, but today I’m here to present you with my Top 5 bag picks for the night.

At this years Met Gala, it was interesting to see the Catholic iconography and shapes juxtaposed with high costume drama, making the whole affair anything but conservative. See below for my Top 5 bag picks at this years Met ball!

Selena Gomez, Coach

Okay, so I didn’t know Coach was a good brand to get gala supplies.  When you’re the face of Coach, you wear the brands designs out of courtesy. However, this custom Coach bag has a historical, yet chic feel that Selena probably begged for. Just don’t ask about her tan, I’m guessing she didn’t pray the night before.

Michelle Williams, Louis Vuitton

Michelle has always been a winner for me in tying together understated looks on practically any carpet she walks on.  She chose a Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau bag with silvery ornate detailing to add to her metallic silver glow. Just like an angel.


Katie Lee

This gold sturdy looking clutch looks like it can do double duty as a weapon. Good thing I’ve only got positive things to say about Katie’s pick. There are loads of gold and silver toned clutches that could easily bore you at the event. This one is not boring! I love this sculpture-like piece that looks like modern art. Doesn’t it remind you of a hard turtle shell (Sort of? Maybe?). Do you know who this clutch is by?


Tabitha Simmons

The UK shoe designer conceives a lot of lust-worthy shoe designs; to match, she shows us what it means to carry a kick ass lust-worthy bag. This clutch is like something you would see on a glass stained window. The bag fluidly matches her custom Dolce and Gabbana gown, which has Byzantine-inspired religious art depictions surrounded by delicate beading and brocade work. I could also use your help with ID’ing this bag!


Emma Stone, Louis Vuitton

Emma stone extended her costuming with a reliable Petite Malle clutch. By far, I think this is the most ‘common’ bag, in which you could easily blend into your own life’s fancy events. Come to think of it, Michelle Williams Petite Boite Chapeau bag has that quality too. With that said, wear anything that you feel comfortable with!




  1. Michele Kaplan
    May 13, 2018 / 7:49 pm

    No comparison to evening bags of the 80s
    Valentino Chanel Bulgari David Webb
    Where r the minaudias ? Ask Carrie

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