Top 5 Dangly Earrings: Hang in the Balance

Elongating and slimming, a pair of delicately dangly earrings is a must this season. Looks aside, I just love the way cascading earrings feel on the ear – it’s instant femininity that can’t help but uplift, no matter your mood. Just slip a pair of these stunners on and you’ll see: dressing up even the most casual of outfits, the dangling earring is a brilliant style secret.

All available on Net-a-Porter.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Gold-Plated Agate Drop Earrings ($595): Onlookers will find it hard to peel their eyes away from this concoction of crystals, gold beads, and gray agate.

2. Rosantica Magnifico 24-Karat Gold-Dipped Angelite Earrings ($365): Such whisper-light delicacy! These handmade danglers imbue a soft, airy palette to frame your face.

3. Etro Gold-Plated Resin and Crystal Clip Earrings ($425): Reach for the exotic and bold with Etro’s opulent clip-ons. With beads of Tiger’s Eye and bright fuchsia, they speak of faraway travels.

4. Rosantica Grappolo 24-Karat Gold-Dipped Agate Earrings ($300): Artisan-crafted Rosantica is the master of festooned ear adornments. A cluster of red agate is a smart way to introduce bright color.

5. Rosantica Rami 24-Karat Gold-Dipped Agate and Amethyst Earrings ($385): Or be verdant with this blend of agate and amethyst, arranged in such a way these stones resemble leaves on a vine.

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