Race Day: Get on Your High Horse


The 8th Annual Polo Classic takes place on Saturday at Liberty State Park in New Jersey. I’ll be attending with bubbly host Veuve Clicquot. Now you know I am not exactly a sporty kind of girl. (Football games confuse me. The last time I went, I didn’t quite understand the concept of tailgating; people grilling food in the parking lot?!) But polo is a different story. I’m very excited, as it’s one of the most refined spectator sports. It’s also a pretty good one for one of my favorite activities, fashion spectating. Speaking of which, I’ve got a specific outfit in mind for the day:

1. Victoria Beckham Belted Crepe Dress:icon Do it demurely! Opt for a soft, pretty day dress over a skintight cocktail one. Like this breezy number by Victoria Beckham. On NET-A-PORTER for $1,677 (from $2,795).

2. Jamie Wolf Engraved Oval Pendant: Reject big bling in favor of a delicate necklace with hand-engraving, like this diamond-framed pendant with the etching of a single letter of your choice. At Jamie Wolf for $3,650.

3. Janessa Leoné Sunhat: Remember, it’s polo, not the Kentucky Derby. Leave your flamboyant bonnet and crazy getup at home, and go for something subtle like a simple straw sunhat. Think a made-over Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman, not Carmen Miranda. At Janessa Leoné for $181.

4. Paul Andrew Hampton Matte-Leather Espadrille Wedge Sandals:icon This is not the moment for 6” stilettos. Go for a feminine pair of wedges, which allows for fancy-free divot-stomping. On NET-A-PORTER for $222.50 (from $445).

5. Mark Cross Hadley Rattan Bag: This marks the perfect occasion for a rattan bag! Topped with red saffiano leather, Mark Cross’ very own classic suits the refined mood of the day’s event. At Mark Cross for $2,495.

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