Top 5 Food-Inspired Bags: When Do We Eat?

Hungry? Wear your lunch on your arm. Or even better, your favorite snack. The latest crop of food-inspired bags is setting out to make your mouth water. While most aren’t exactly appetizing, they do make for cute statement pieces that are well worth a giggle. So lighten up, eat up, and have some fun with this food for thought!

1. Charlotte Olympia Taquera Suede-Trimmed Embellished Raffia Clutch: Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesday? Bring the fiesta any day of the week with this hilariously quirky – and yes, spicy – clutch. On NET-A-PORTER for $1,295.

2. Serpui Marie Macarons Clutch: If there’s one thing the fashion crowd loves more than a new clutch, it a macaron. Be the most popular girl at the party with an accessory that combines the two. Just don’t be surprised if people ask you if you’re stashing sweet treats in your bag. On Shopbop for $385.

3. Skinny Dip Popcorn Bag: While movie theaters are strongly opposed to you bringing your own popcorn, nobody is going to say anything about your freshly popped crossbody bag. Well, except all the people who will be commenting on it, of course. On ASOS for $47.

4. Alice + Olivia Martini Crossbody Pouch: Perhaps this isn’t food, per se, but then again, some might consider a stiff gin martini with blue cheese-stuffed olives a perfectly well-rounded dinner (as well as a recipe for a doozy of a morning). On Shopbop for $198.

5. Welcomecompanions Toast Shoulder Bag: I was all about the surreal vibe of this brand when they first came out last year, and I’m still feeling their high-carb yet low-key shoulder style, the subtlest bag of the bunch. At for $560.

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