Top 5 Furs: Let’s Make the Fur Fly

Fur certainly has its enemies (even Bottega designer Tomas Maier calls is “vulgar”), but say what you will about the controversial accoutrement, I find it simply irresistible. Whether it comes in the form of a vintage find or a brand-new addition, fur is meant to be treasured. Because, really, is there anything more decadent? Toss one of these jackets or vests on and I promise, you instantly feel like a queen, even if you’re still waiting on that diamond tiara.


1) Marc by Marc Jacobs Hayworth Fur Vest: Youthful and so plush it’s positively yummy, this chunky, wide-lapeled vest will jazz up any outfit, from flirty floral dresses to T-shirts and jeans.
At Bergdorf Goodman for $398.

2) Michael Kors Dyed Rabbit Fur Jacket: You know when Kors does rabbit fur it is going to be uptown-sleek with just tinge of downtown flavor. This streamlined jacket, ideal for both wide tweed trousers and super-skinny pants, is also wildly on sale, so don’t miss out!
At Saks Fifth Avenue for $538.49 (from $1,795).

3) Valentino Fur-And-Lace Collar Coat: Deliciously refined, Valentino does fur with understated class. A mink collar gets a touch of tenderness with sprinkling of lace.
At Bergdorf Goodman for $1,396 (from $3,490). 

4) Kay Unger New York Fur-Trim Satin Jacket: Navy duchess satin is all grown up – and perfect for cocktail parties – but the breezy cut of this lamb-trimmed jacket will give you some swagger.
At Neiman Marcus for $750.

5) Theory Lamb Fur Vest: Big fur vests can feel played out when you see too many of them, but none have the curly-cue appeal of Theory’s fuzzy lamb. It’s all about the texture here, so keep it slick and smooth everywhere else.
At Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,215.


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