Top 5 Hot Hodgepodges: The Best of Patchwork

Top 5 Hot Hodgepodges

Bohemian glam: an oxymoron if one has ever made it into the fashion lexicon; these are two words that are as different as can be…Yet the pairing makes perfect sense when it comes to the must-have bags of the season. Suddenly, designers are embracing intentional chaos and gravitating towards the ultimate mix: patchwork bags. Lucky for us, the ones today aren’t done as if they were designed in the midst of a drug induced haze of the ‘70s.

1. Jerome Dreyfuss Patchwork Popoche Pouch: Aptly named bon bon patchwork, this sweet treat shows off Jerome’s masterful way of mixing, be it suede with smooth leather or bright orange with muted baby blue.

2. Alexander Wang Prisma Biker Lizard-Effect Leather Shoulder Bagicon: Three juxtaposing neutral panels add up to one boldly striped bag that’s easy on the eyes. On NET-A-PORTER for $425.

3. Barbara Bonner Andrea Stargate Leather Bucket Bag: When you want a bag that just wants to have fun, pick up this cheery mix of vivid color, strong shapes, and a lengthy dollop of fringe. On Luisa via Roma for $1,198.

4. Paula Cademartori Caroline Appliquéd Leather Shoulder Bag: Trippy without inducing any nasty side effects, Paula’s layered geometric appliqués perform a great twist on the black leather shoulder bag. On NET-A-PORTER for $2,120.

5. Marni Mondrian Patchwork Leather Bag: If it’s something more along the lines of a refined piece of modern art you’re after, look to Marni’s colorful-meets-minimal spin on patchwork. On Luisa via Roma for $1,660.

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