Top 7 Animal-Inspired Bags: Multi-Species Chic


Why should little kids have all the fun when it comes to toting their stuffed animals around? It’s time to bring the zoo with you, thanks to a new bunch of bags that are more suited to hang on a Snob’s arm than they are to sit on the shelves at FAO Schwarz (I can’t believe they’re closing!), if barely so. Go ahead and treat your new bag as a pet, if only to serve as a reminder that we shouldn’t take our personal style – or ourselves – too seriously.


1. Thom Browne Leather Tote: I nearly squealed with delight when I laid eyes on this baby whale of textured-leather, which strikes the right balance between cute and cool. On My Theresa for $3,418.


2. Judith Leiber Couture Unicorn Crystal Clutch Bag: This $6,000 unicorn clutch wasn’t even the most outrageous piece Miley Cyrus wore hosting the VMAs, but it was the most delightful. At Neiman Marcus for $5,995.


3. Thom Browne Turtle Medium Backpack: Channel your inner Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! I love the cleverness of this totally functional backpack fashioned into a streetwise turtle, complete with a matelassé shell. At Barneys New York for $3,400.


4. Stella McCartney Leopard Crossbody Bag: For those who fear getting too out-there, stick to the go-to: the face of a seductive wildcat, finished off with feline eyes. At Selfridges for $990.


5. Christopher Raeburn Shark Leather Clutch: A sea creature clutch, featuring a convenient slide-through handle? This is a shark attack I can get behind. On for $448.


6. Hillier Bartley Bunny Shearling and Leather Clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs’ former designer duo brings their cheeky sensibility to their new namesake label – and this adorably fuzzy rabbit. On Matches Fashion for $847.


7. Judith Leiber Couture Chihuahua Crystal Minaudiere: The days of celebrities carrying around their little companions may be (for the most part) over, but this lifelike imitation may soon revive the trend. At Neiman Marcus for $5,595.

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