Top Five Trends of the Summer on FARFETCH

I am often asked what I actually do for a living, even by acquaintances and friends, and especially by other moms. Not in a negative way, but more out of curiosity as most people can not fathom that I call traveling, shopping and general fun seeking as “work”. But that is only what they see on Instagram and Facebook. What they don’t see is the work I painstakingly put into each and every image. Sometimes consulting with my manager, other editors, photographer friends and professional peers before hitting “share”. (There is actually nothing instant about Instagram by the way, but that’s another post.) The point is, what you see on my social media channels are what I want you to see- a curated and glamorous version of my life and work. I choose not to show my family or much of my personal life (other than my cooking snaps, I love those as do my followers!), out of respect for their privacy and protection for my son (who now, at age 12, begs to be on social media himself) and I rarely show my work meetings because much of what I do is under NDA or embargoed until activation. Besides, it’s not very interesting to watch me sit at my desk in my office editing images, posts or on Skype conferences!

Take this post for example, in partnership with Farfetch to showcase my favorite looks of the season, it took weeks to complete! Starting with shopping online on Farfetch and other sites for the looks I want to wear— as many of you know, shopping online is very time consuming and at times tedious if you’re looking for specific items for a project. Once I’ve ordered and received the looks, I have to book the photographer and if needed, hair and makeup. Then the fun begins as I love photo shoots, it’s a chance to make believe for a day and play dress up- who doesn’t love that? Post-production is also a lot of work as I have to go through the dozens sometimes hundreds of photos my photographer takes and edit the few that I will use. After that, we retouch whatever photos necessary and at times use a pre-set filter. Finally, I sit down and think about what I want to convey with these images. I don’t take myself too seriously on social media and often use humor in my captions, life is too short to be too serious!

When I sat down to write this post, I had just left a meeting with two female CEOs of their own companies, who wanted to know “exactly what it is I do”. So I thought I would finally break it down. I am a fashion and beauty blogger, content creator, editor, photographer (when one isn’t around like the time I was on a gondola in Venice trying to capture an image of a bag for Vogue China), model (I say that with irony cuz lord knows a 5’ tall woman over 40 ain’t never gonna be a supermodel) for my own posts and column on Vogue China, influencer (of all my titles, I despise this one more. I don’t know why- I just don’t like the way it sounds, like I am drunk or driving others to drink), designer (I’ve been designing bags, jeans, and jewelry for over 8 years for major brands), personal shopper, event planner and expert busybody advice-giver. Basically, I am a jack-of-all trades and a wearer of many hats, a fashionpreneur if you will.

Today, I am sharing my favorite trends of the season— a bold embellished bag, printed skirt, exaggerated sleeves, striped bag and corset top— all available right now on Farfetch and other retailers listed.

Caroline Constas Giselle Blouse available on Shopbop for $395

Prada Lip Print Pleated Skirt available at Prada for $1,450

Tina Craig for Gianfranco Lotti OTTO bag available at Gianfranco Lotti

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Spike Crossbody Bag available on Farfetch for $2,795

Maison Margiela Fitted Plaid Blouse available on Farfetch for $1,270

In partnership with Farfetch 

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  1. Ruth K
    June 27, 2017 / 9:30 pm

    Love the top! You have the best job

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