Top Neon Jewels: Bright Young Things

Make no mistake: neon jewelry is not just for eighth-grade girls who collect rubber and lanyard bracelets. Neon is having a major fashion moment (even bigger than the last few spring seasons), and you don’t have to commit to it with a pair of eye-piercing pumps or a shocking little dress. Show off your wit with an eye-popping fluorescent jewel – you’ll be right on-trend without looking like you’ve followed any cues.

1) Rosantica Rosarietto 24-Karat Gold-Dipped Agate Necklace: Just a dusting of hot pink will have you covered. Shake up this rosary-inspired necklace with a mélange of other bright hues.
On Net-a-Porter for $545.

2) Marni Set of Three Resin Brooches: Hello, eighties New Wave! A sense of humor is key for this trio of retro-fabulous pins. Just don’t pair them with a sharp, shoulder-padded blazer, or you’ll look like you’re stuck in a time warp.
On Net-a-Porter for $175.

3) Tom Binns Slap Dash Swarovski Crystal Bib Necklace: Tom Binns is the king of luxuriant neon gems, and this necklace is living proof. Shocking yellow and glittering crystals make an unexpectedly brilliant combination.
On Net-a-Porter $1,900.

4) Jose & Maria Barrera Pave Drop Earrings: Kelly loves the design duo’s hoops for Valentine’s Day, but I love their hot-pink disco balls for any time you’re feeling showy and festive!
At Bergdorf Goodman for $365.

5) Aurelie Bidermann Enamel Coral Bracelet: Jaw-dropping coral is as natural as neon gets. This organically shaped cuff gives a nod to the sea, so wear it with a bronzed glow.
At Bergdorf Goodman for $1,700.

6) Oscar de la Renta Oval-Bezel Cabochon Ring: 24-karat rose gold-plated brass and pewter sets a gorgeously rustic frame for this flaming-hot cabochon. Don it during the day for unexpected color; then let it carry you into cocktail hour.
At Bergdorf Goodman for $195.

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