Tory Burch Foundation

It’s easy to be jealous of designer Tory Burch – not only is she beautiful, driven, and savvy, but she lives in the Pierre Hotel! For all her fortunes however, Burch is serious about giving back and so she founded the Tory Burch Foundation, which offers economic opportunities for women and their families in the US. She partnered with ACCION USA, the nation’s largest micro-finance provider and through her efforts the organization supports countless women. Burch has been raising funds for her charitable initiative via specially designed products whose proceeds benefit the foundation to finance women’s goals.

The logo for the foundation is a sunflower, Burch’s favorite bloom and based off of a pendant her father once gave her mother as a gift. One of my favorite necklaces that’s part of this initiative is the Leather World Charm Necklace, which I wrote about back in June over on Jewel Snob. Burch has a ton of other options though, some of which you can shop online here to support this very worthy cause!

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