Tot Tips: 20 Great Ways to Raise Great Kids

Tot Tips

According to psychologist Toni Schutta, a recent University of San Diego study found a 30% increase in narcissism in incoming college freshmen, making it more pressing than ever for parents to take the time to instill good morals and values into their tots. Even when I travel, I Skype with the boy in the morning, afternoon, and at bedtime. I love checking in with him! As a nationally renowned speaker (and mom of two herself), Toni knows a thing or two about raising children, and right now she’s sharing her tips by offering a free download of her book 20 Great Ways to Raise Great Kids. Even parents with the most well-mannered children can benefit from discovering new ideas to incorporate in the home, like one of the book’s suggestions – the “two praise rule.” With this you ask your tot to do two nice things for someone a day, then share these with the family at dinner. The idea is that by reinforcing the importance of kindness, it becomes second nature. What is your best parenting tip?

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