ToteSavvy is the ultimate handbag organizer

My day usually starts at the gym early in the morning and I rarely come home before the day is up. Throughout the day, like most women, I’m on-the-go which means my tote is stuffed with everything from basics like phone, keys and wallet, to extra clothes, spare shoes, and my laptop. Needless to say it can be hard to find what I need, when I need it without some struggle. This is particularly problematic when you, for example, see an oncoming subway but can’t find your damn Metrocard! So, long story short – there’s a solution to this: ToteSavvy. It’s one of those things you don’t think you need till you use it and see how much smoother your day goes. No matter my handbag, it’s always big day-to-day so I’ve been using the Deluxe (which is the largest) organizer. You just slip it in and slot all your goods into various pockets.

Note this removable tote organizer was designed with parents in mind, but I don’t see why it should be limited to moms. On the flip side there is a major downside, which is that it doesn’t fit into every bag. You basically need a stiff tote for this to work. It’s still the best option in this category. If you look for alternatives the options are pretty bad…  It’s also worth noting that the weight of the Deluxe organizer is about 1.3lbs, which is not nothing especially if you’re toting around a leather bag or one with a lot of hardware, but I still find that on particularly chaotic days it’s worth the extra bulk (plus, arm workout, right?).


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