Travel Smart with These Beauty Tools

Travel Smart With These Beauty Tools

When it comes to beauty gadgets, most of us have three essentials: toothbrush, hair dryer, and hair straightener. One thing I’ve never understood is how most of the world uses 220v, and we’re stuck with 110v. Why? It’s not fair! 220v means your tools work more effectively as they have more power. Unfortunately if you try to use your American products in Europe, you’ll ruin them (and vice versa). Surprisingly, it’s pretty rare to find tools that are made for dual voltage, but I’ve been able to track down three that are worth investing in, whether or not you’re a frequent traveler. And, if you happen to travel, they make it a whole lot easier as you only need an adapter (versus a transformer that’s heavy and cumbersome) to use them anywhere in the world.

When it comes to haircare, T3 is obviously a golden brand, and it’s got a Featherweight compact folding dryer ($150) – yes, it folds for easy storage! – and a SinglePass compact iron ($79). They’re both, as the names indicate, compact, but here’s the thing – they work quickly. I found myself needing less time to dry and style my hair than with my Chi and Conair tools, whether I was in NYC or abroad, and you can switch between voltages with the simple turn of a button. They’re also designed to ensure that hair is kept as healthy as possible (though, as always, a heat-protecting spray is recommended).

I saved the coolest for last. How amazing is the above Philips Sonicare DiamondClean rechargeable electric toothbrush ($189.95, form $219.99)? In black!! And it charges in a glass so no clunky plastic charging dock, but rather a sleek container. When you’re traveling, it works for dual voltage and comes with a plug to allow you to charge the toothbrush via your computer. It also has multiple settings, including one designed for sensitive teeth. I’ve been using a Sonicare for over a decade and haven’t had a cavity since. I have, however, had some gum recession because I brush “too aggressively” (it’s a stress thing apparently…), meaning that the sensitive setting is perfect.

Travel Smart With These Beauty Tools

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