Turbie Twists are kind of genius (and the one I got was only $10)

I’ve been working from home for over a decade, but with the lockdown situation that came along with Coronavirus my husband is getting to see me post shower (he usually leaves for his office way before I shower) looking like – as he says – a Hasidic woman. Turns out there’s something more stylish and more practical than wrapping a big, old towel around your hair when it’s wet and it retails for about $10.

I’m talking about Turbie Twist, a microfiber hair towel (they also have absorbent cotton options). The Turbie Twist is basically a pre-wrapped turban that comes in a bunch of color and pattern options. It’s easy to wash, and even easier to use. Plus the microfiber is good to dry hair while minimizing frizz. If you go on Amazon there are a bunch of competitors, but none seem to have as good of a price/quality ratio or look as nice as the ones from Turbie Twist and they’re usually around the same price or more expensive. Bonus…until using this little turban I never realized how much my bath towel was pulling on my roots when I used it to dry my hair!

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