Twinkle Toes: Click Your Heels Three Times!

…Although, in these sparkly sensations, I have a feeling she’ll be tapping her feet a lot more than that.

Trendsetter Dorothy was only 13 when she clicked her glittery ruby slippers.The pigtailed adventuress had the right idea. Glitter is a must for any self-respecting and princess-loving girl – old or young! And not just the costume-y ones that come in the Disney packages.

There’s a new troop of glitter-coated slippers (and loafers and boots) that are far too chic to be reserved for Halloween. These freshly be-sparkled shoes – Stuart Weitzman’s are a tad glam-rock, while Enzo’s are a cute tap-style take on the classic – are for the tot snob with the discerning eye. Not to mention, an eye for all that glitters. It’s only a matter of time before she’s requesting diamonds!

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