ULTA Exfoliating Round Cotton Pads: Midnight Run

ULTA Exfoliating Round Cotton Pads

What do you do at midnight? If you’re China Chow and me, you’re at CVS looking for the next best drugstore deal (sometimes the greatest beauty products really are the least expensive!). When we found ourselves there after a posh Vogue dinner in LA last month, China introduced me to the magic of exfoliating cotton pads. I’m not talking a basic piece of cotton. These little innovations have the traditional soft side to remove eye makeup and then an exfoliating side to use with your toner afterwards. The micro bead surface gently exfoliates, which is a nice alternative if your skin is sensitive to chemicals (and that’s most skin!). Some women steer clear of toner for that reason, but it’s essential for refining the surface of your skin and clearing up any makeup or dirt you might have missed cleansing. Find an all-natural toner and get to work with these softies. They won’t fall apart on your skin like some looser cotton pads, which means they’re great for removing nail polish, too. I’ve also tried Target’s brand – it was basically the same. No matter where you buy, this $3.50 investment will be the best one you’ve ever made for your face. We can all thank China! Available in a set of 80 at Ulta for $3.49.


  1. April 29, 2013 / 12:43 pm

    Love a drugstore bargain! I never understood what the two textures were for on cotton pads, thanks!

  2. oldeditor
    May 12, 2013 / 4:36 pm

    Other midnight run drugstores finds: Kerasal fot ointment. With 5% salicylic acid, it’s a better exfoliant than any scrub. Buy little slipper socks and let it soak in. At the higher end, there’s Lierac High Peel, 10%bpercent glycolic acid in a moisturizing base.

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