The Ultimate Eco Way To Say I Love You: Eat Your Mail


When I got the below postcard in the mail from Eat Your Mail I couldn’t stop smiling! Eat Your Mail makes kosher, edible postcards printed with a custom image and message. That’s right you can now literally eat a postcard you give or receive! It’s a more sophisticated version of Potato Parcel, which I first saw on Shark Tank.

Potato Parcel is a next level gag gift. The service lets you send anyone a potato with a personalized message or an image on it. It’s definitely quirky and totally hilarious (not to mention perfect for Instagram…). I love the idea as an alternative to a traditional card or just as a cute gift to cheer someone up or say I love you/miss you. That said you can’t keep either of these cards for very long before they’ll go bad/moldy and I’d much rather eat the below cookie than a potato! In case you’re wondering, Potato Parcel DID get an investment in the shark tank!

Neither option was conceived as an eco-friendly gift and they both do require some packaging, but there’s no denying it’s better for a card to end up in your stomach than in the trash!

We all know that the art of the handwritten note is dying, eating your mail is a great way to keep it alive while embracing the modern age:)


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