Unique Acne Fighters: Sprays, Clear Patches, Double Duty Finds, and More


It’s bad enough dealing with complexion issues as a teenager, but when you’re older and have to add worrying about wrinkles to the pile of aesthetic concerns, it’s even worse! It has been a long road for me of getting to know my skin and its triggers to get to the point where I have clear skin mostly year-round. Every so often, however, I get complacent and will get lazy about, for example, washing my face after a workout or have no self-control and devour a huge amount of dairy. Inevitably I will breakout or get a big blemish the next day.

I’ve been surprised to find that sometimes the best products for a breakout aren’t ones specifically designed for acne. It all depends on the type of breakout. I will usually also change my ancillary skincare products (think cleanser) in addition to honing in on a treatment product. Here’s a look at some efficient fighters!


I love Peter Thomas Roth! He has some of the best and most unique acne-fighters. Take for example his Acne-Clear Invisible Dots ($30). Put a dot over your blemish at night and when you wake up it should be considerably less noticeable. The only thing is that while the dots are clear, they are still noticeable which prompted my boyfriend to tell me he can “no longer pretend to ignore the zit on my forehead…”


Philosophy has a line of acne-fighting products that I like. I often use their cleanser after the gym, but you might be surprised to find a great acne-fighting product not branded as an acne fighter. Called Help Me ($49) it helps to keep pores clean meaning this it’s a great preventive product to use in between your breakouts. It also has anti-aging properties.


I’ve written about Murad’s Clarifying Body Spray ($40) before but it’s worth mentioning again because it’s that good! I always spray my body with it after working out and as a result I have no back acne. The spray makes it easy to get to hard-to-reach areas and while there is a smell to this product it’s not too strong and it doesn’t last long.


One of the things I never want to do when I have a breakout, is load my skin with products which is why my eyes tarted to Jurlique Blemish Cream ($28). The doubly duty treatment product will protect again breakouts, while treating blemishes and it works as a coverup since it has a slight tint to mask redness.


Bioderma Sebium AI Corrector ($24.90) is another awesome, unique find with two-in-one properties, but in this case it involves two steps. First you apply a small amount of  the green corrector found inside the cap on blemishes (green helps make blemishes look less red). Then unscrew the top and spread the tinted cream all over your face.


Another two-step find is Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal 2-Step Buh-Bye Blackheads ($3.99). Yes charcoal is still an it ingredient! It’s a powerful active to remove dirt and debris from your pores. This isn’t something I’d use if I had a current breakout, but it’s good to use as a preventative measure.


When you have a breakout, you usually don’t want to scrub your skin – but exfoliating is important! Dead skin will clog pores and cause your skin to breakout further if you don’t work to slough it away. When you have a breakout is the time to opt for chemical exfoliation. Checkout Skinney Medspa in bottle’s Chemical Peel ($72), which is actually a misnomer because the exfoliation happens via an easy-to-use pad.


I love that m-61 PowerSpot Clear ($18) has a wand applicator! I haaaate touching blemishes with my fingers. I usually end up applying spot treatments with a tissue – not great. The formulation mixes salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and witch hazel (an effective and underused acne fighter in my opinion because of its astringent properties…I use it on its own sometimes too).

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