wireless chargers to keep you juiced no matter where you are

Like many people I was addicted to my phone… or maybe I still am. Hard to know how much time is normal these days! But when it gets to the point that you can’t brush your teeth or watch TV without also checking emails, listening to a Podcast, or scrolling through Instagram something needs to change. I’ve found mounting a phone charger on the opposite end of where I watch TV has helped tremendously. For better or worse a lot of the quality time with my husband is spent watching TV. My phone charger used to be right by where I sat on the couch. I now have it mounted on a SnapTo Wireless Charger, which actually doubles as a stand when you want to watch something on your phone (it can charge while you do this – in portrait or landscape mode) and more importantly it doesn’t cause clutter. Having it far from the couch means I’m not distracted by the phone while it’s charging.

There are also a bunch of other great wireless picks to keep your phone juiced up while you’re on the go – or away from you to be less of a distraction. Checkout some of the other options below!

Porto Q 5K – portable battery with wireless charging.

Otto Q – wireless charging pad.

Symbus Q – USB-C hub with wireless charging.

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