UNT PRODIGE: An Apple Stemcell A Day Keeps the Wrinkles Away?!


I keep hearing about apple stem cells lately, from creams to serums, it appears to be the new “buzz” word in the industry. I can’t vouch for its long term effects but after using UNT’s Prodige serum the last month, I have to say the results are fairly positive. The Prodige was sent to me for review and as with all unfamiliar brands, I started using it on my hands first, after a few days without negative reaction, I moved up to my neck and eventually my face (yes I’m psychotically cautious and you would be too if you heard about the occupational hazards I’ve experienced the last 5 years as the guinea pig for new products!).

Anyway, the Prodige is touted as a “miracle” serum made of rare apple stem cells and enzymes that have extraordinary anti-oxidant benefits. Honestly, I did not find a miracle but did find it a nice (and very well priced) serum to add to my skin regime each night. I like the way it absorbed in to the skin and used it as a massage gel. I have not noticed a huge change in my face or neck but the back of my hands is noticeably different, the skin there is smoother and firmer (whatever you use on your face, use on hands and neck– this is the golden rule in anti-aging!) and the texture looks brighter.

Recommendation: Worth trying if you’re looking for a high performance product at a really great price.

UNT PRODIGE Serum here 30ml / 1 oz. USD 59.99


  1. Jj
    January 31, 2011 / 12:51 pm

    No noticeable difference in face/neck, but a good hand serum… and still recommended? I’m guessing if you got it for free you can’t recommend against it?

  2. Beauty Snob Tina
    January 31, 2011 / 11:58 pm

    “Worth trying” was the recommendation. No idea why the results are so drastic on my hands, perhaps it’s because I have never used a luxe serum on my hands regularly before and the face/neck is used to this type of product.

    I’ve advised against many products sent to me for review. And after the initial trial products for review– I buy my lotions and potions like everyone else. 🙂

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