Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I love getting flowers… who doesn’t? But I love getting them randomly from my husband just because. On Valentine’s Day I want something less run-of-the-mill that will contribute to us spending fun times together. Anyone else on that page with me? I’ve rounded up some picks to help spark gift ideas for your significant other or any loved one! There really is never a bad time to show you care… and small, meaningful tokens often mean just as much as the big splurges!

Legally Addictive Crack Cookies (starting at $20 for a pack of 5)

I’m a sucker for great branding and a quick way to my heart is always via my stomach, which is why I love Legally Addictive. They are SO good. They’re a cookie/cracker hybrid (hence the amazing name) and a perfect conversation starting munchie. Trust me, you’ll be happy the minimum order is 5 bags.

Laguna Herbals Love ($7-$22)

Here’s a cool beauty item with a loving twist. It’s a “potion” formulated with pink himalayan salts (great for sore muscles), lavender, and ylang ylang. And the packaging actually looks like a salt shaker!

Bedgear Ver-Tex Climacore Blankets (starting at $299.99)

Netflix and chill with one of these blankets that feature cool-to-the-touch technology. My husband often catches me in a pool of sweat because I wrap myself like a burrito when I sleep. You won’t overheat with this blanket since it’s designed to shift heat away from the body.

New Sneakers 

My favorite things to do on the weekend is working out with my husband and then having brunch. I used to have very bad hip and knee pains and after doing a running test at Hospital for Special Surgeries I found that these pains were most likely due to the Nike sneakers I was usually running in. This was 5-6 years ago (haven’t run in Nike since). I now almost always run in New Balance, which HSS recommended. I love the limited edition Fresh Foam Lazr Elite (for indoor running, didn’t love them as much for outdoor), but they sold out quick (checkout the Fresh Foam LAZR Hyposkin launching mid-Feb) or for a high intensity training shoe if you’re not a runner, checkout Fresh Foam Crush (it comes in a few colors, including a coral).

Weatherman (two sizes: Stick or Collapsible, $59 – $65)

Help your boo get through winter – and spring showers – with the newly launched Weatherman umbrella, a Bluetooth-powered smart umbrella designed by meteorologists, Rick Reichmuth. It comes in two sizes and six colors and is built for serious durability —showers, gusts, storms… The materials – from the hand-sewn panels to the fiberglass ribs – hold off 55-mph winds! And it also has a corresponding app that detects the forecast in your area, a tracker to remind you to take your umbrella with you, and it knows where you last left your umbrella in case you lose it.

S’well Sparkling Champagne, $35

So when I said my favorite thing to do with my husband is gym and brunch – it’s not his… he hates working out! If your significant other is the same way, why not surprise him with a Sparkling Champagne S’well bottle and fill it with Veuve! And for this special day just swap the gym with DIY happy hour… S’well is amazing at keeping any drink super cold for HOURS.

Fat and the Moon Soothe Bath Soak, $16.95

I can’t think of anyone who couldn’t use a pampering bath soak. This one was formulated for soothing hot, itchy, or inflamed skin meaning it’s perfect for a soar body or for this cold winter. Plus, the packaging is awesome.

Godiva Valentine’s Day Heart Tin with Individually Wrapped Assorted Chocolates, $15

For something less out of the box, but sure to please, one can never go wrong with Godiva. They have a long list of options, but I like this one for the portion control!

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