Jewelry to Buy Yourself: Be Your Own Valentine

Jewelry to Buy Yourself

Never wait for a man to buy you what you can buy yourself. Don’t get me wrong – I love to receive thoughtful and sentimental jewelry from my hubby, but if there’s something that I just must have, I go ahead and get it. That way there’s no need to subtly drop hints and heighten your expectations, only to find that your hints we in fact too subtle. Show yourself some love come February 14th with this Valentine’s Day jewelry!

Vita Fede Mini Crystal V Ring: If you haven’t tried out trendy mini rings (or midi rings), now’s the time. Valentine’s Day is about indulgence after all, particularly of the crystal variety. On Shopbop for $125.

Fallon Rectangular Link Choker:icon A clever take on jewelry’s spike trend. Wear the loose choker with anything from a cocktail dress to your ripped up jeans! At Barneys New York for $300.

Eddie Borgo Jackal Cuff: A jackal hunts both alone and in pairs, making this cuff perfect for both single Snobs and those with partners in crime. On Shopbop for $400.

Sydney Evan XO Studs: Since I recently had my ears pierced in a second place, I’ve been stocking up on stud earrings like these diamond-encrusted XOs and some Catherine Angiel daggers (at Fragments for $400). At Fragments for $625.

Jewelry to Buy Yourself

Monica Rich Kosann Diamond Message Box Charm: Keep a special name or message close to your heart when you lock it within this little diamond-accented box. At Fragments for $5,500.

Cartier Juste un Clou Bracelet: While Cartier’s iconic Love bracelet is the kind of gift you want to receive from a loved one, the Juste un Clou has no strings attached. At Cartier for $11,900.

Wendy Yue Pink Sapphire Bow Earrings: I’m hoping to celebrate Valentine’s Day with these pink sapphire bow earrings, but I might have to let the hubby get them for me so that he can feel useful (kidding!). At Fragments for $5,045.

Djula Leaf Ring: Then again, not everything needs to be pink on February 14th. Once French jeweler Djula’s black gold ring winds its way around your finger, you’ll never want to take it off. At Fragments for $5,548.

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