Valerie MacCarthy: Four Elements

VM SE large bangle.jpgVM ring BT.jpgVM RF large bangle.jpg

Valerie MacCarthy Jewelry designer Valerie MacCarthy has just launched her debut collection based on The Four Elements (Fire, Water, Earth and Wind). Paris-based, the American/Parisian designer is interestingly a professional opera singer whose bohemian life traveling inspired a number of the pieces in the collection – which explains the mixed materials that she has opted to work with. My favorite pieces are the Fire-inspired ones which are made with wood and accentuate the curved lines of flames (available at Debut New York in New York City). Also in wood are the Earth pieces, while the Water pieces feature concentric circles and blue stones and the Wind pieces feature curving and intertwining lines accented with diamonds. How gorgeous would these look with this Halston Heritage dress!?

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