VBH Brera 30 Sport Python Satchel Bag: Making a Splash


Maintaining the momentum for my love of colorful bags, VBH enters the multi-chromatic picture. And this one makes for a stirring juxtaposition. The vivacious graffiti-art pattern on a rarefied python bag means it’s extra special. Often times, python (amongst other sumptuous exotics) is treated with a good deal of preciousness. Rightly so, but what really makes a statement? Something like VBH’s unapologetic interpretation.

They’ve taken their quintessential satchel bag, and made it into something as rebellious as it is museum-worthy. But it’s the fact that their wild, splattered lines, not unlike the ones we’ve seen on Jackson Pollock’s famed canvases, have the custom-made look of an artist’s creation that makes this a serious must for me. VBH Brera at Neiman Marcus for $4,700.

Wear with: Wearing this with a modern femme-fatale pump, like Aquazzura’s Forever Marilyn suede stilettos, in knock-‘em-dead red adds feminine edge. On MATCHESFASHION.com for $716.


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