Vegan liquid collagen is now a thing

Drinking liquid collagen seems to be the new version of lemon and water. I tried it once… it’s gross!!! I can only suffer so much for beauty and that so much does not include drinking liquid collagen. It’s also been widely disproven to work as a skin beautifier by scientists. You probably know, but just in case, collagen is a protein found in skin and other connective tissue and is said to help improve skin elasticity and give you an overall healthier glow. Unfortunately it starts to deteriorate starting in your 20s.  To boost your collagen you can drink it, pop it in supplement form, use one of a long list of collagen containing beauty products, or eat meat or fish.

Unfortunately according to most experts there’s no difference between eating a piece of steak or drinking liquid collagen and in both cases it’s unlikely that you will see any skin improvement – like any other protein, collagen can’t travel from your gut to your skin in tact. That said, food combining has been rebuffed by scientists and I still find that it works for me so I don’t distrust women who say that they’ve seen great skin improvements from drinking or otherwise using collagen, which leads me to Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen ($115).

Until now, vegetarians/vegans were straight out of luck if they were looking for a collagen fix. Besides drinking or eating it, there are a TON of collagen containing beauty products, but non were vegetarian until now. Algenist has found a way to extract collagen from plants, which it then combines with nutrient microalgae. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as vegetarian collagen! I have to say I haven’t had the best experience with Algenist products so I haven’t tried this one, but it is backed (like all of their products) by a clinical study that notes that after 10 days 87% of women said their skin felt softer and looked more radiant. Is that enough to convince you to start applying vegan collagen topically?

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