Vera Wang Spring 2012 Collection: Vera in Wonderland


For her Spring collection, Vera Wang was fantasizing about a “collage of texture,” one that juxtaposed tailoring and transparency. She was inspired by distorted 18th century French wallpaper, which resulted in rapturously fantastical prints. “Alice in Wonderland” was the theme and Vera’s trip through the looking glass made for an ethereal journey. All very Vera, but Vera in Technicolor.

The first eleven looks were white, with touches of eyelet, zippers, drawstrings and inventive paneling infusing interest. Then a spattering of dreamy colors was injected at the ruffled waist of a blouse, letting you know that saturation was on the way. A plethora of vibrant hues, via abstract patterns, monochrome looks of yellow, mint, rose, and electric blue. Stiff foundations were countered by breeze-catching layers and arresting sheer skirts. Bubble skirts, skirt-shorts, and tailored cropped vests are wearable; a hooded peplum coat is a standout, in pale pink and barely-there green, capturing the demurely Space-Age feel of the collection. The looks are all about movement, but in a metaphysical, drifting-through-the-universe kind of way.


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