Victoria Beckham Denim: Only Posh Could Get me into Jeggings


Sure it’s easy to diss Posh and her very expensive denim line but I have to admit, the fit is fantastic! I tried these on early in the season and was amazed at what it did for my butt and legs! Trying not to be too enthused lest you laugh at me but I am super excited that the very skinny jeans I was coveting at Bergdorfs a few months ago is now on sale for $90 (a price I can live with, I mean they’re jeggings for god’s sake!). These look best with boots, the higher the better.  The back has a panel that is ultra flattering and I thought the patches were weird at first too until I realized they serve a very important and slimming function. Trust me on this. It’s like Lulu Lemon pants, but much more posh (sorry, was that a pun?)

Was $300 Now $90

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