Victoria Beckham Icon Collection: Viva Forever

Victoria Beckham Icon Collection

Victoria Beckham has plans to re-launch her website with e-commerce in February, and to celebrate the occasion, she’ll be releasing the Icon collection. This set of ready to wear pieces from previous seasons will come in both the classic colors and new limited editions. The inspiration behind this new venture? Fan demand, of course (myself included, I live in VB dresses!)! Victoria was being flooded with requests for dresses that were no longer available, and as she knows, you have to give the ladies what they want. But this is something that only a designer with truly classic taste could pull off. Victoria’s designs are certainly fresh and modern, but they’re also timeless and yes, iconic. New pieces will be released throughout the year, but the first set is of seven dresses from the very first season, Spring/Summer 2009. Make space in your closet now! The Icon collection will be available exclusively on starting at $1,600.

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