Victoria Beckham Small Zip Pouch: I Have 99 Problems, But a Pouch Ain’t One

Victoria Beckham Small Zip Pouch

Right now, I am all about simplifying my life with small pouches. I no longer need to carry binkies, bottles nor diapers and the requisite diaper bags, so it recently hit me: I myself don’t even understand why I still run around daily with large bags. Most days, I’m alone and therefore, require little more than an ID, credit card, iPhone and tube of lip gloss.

Enter the petite zippered pouch. From day to night, these streamlined pieces are the chic, little accessories that announce to the world you’re just as carefree as the young girls snapping selfies at the next table over…Even though you’re running an empire, scheduling your son’s school and camp schedules, and keeping your cool (outfit, including), whilst planning a dinner for a party of 20.

If there’s a designer who understands the work/kids/leisure balance, it’s Victoria Beckham, so it’s no wonder I’m obsessed with her small zip pouches. For Fall 2014, in cherry-red python accented with calf leather and the graphic-suede intarsia print, straight from the ready-to-wear collection, alike, they are as lean and compact as they are manageable. Two internal compartments help you keep your small amount of essentials in order, and the sleek silhouette helps you look like you haven’t got a worry in the world. Even if you have, you know, around 99 of them. Victoria Beckham Small Zip pouches available for pre-order on in red python and leather, $830, and intarsia print, $785 (expect delivery by August 31st).

Pair with: Even when I need to casually run around, I still yearn for at least a slight heel. Saint Laurent’s New Western suede ankle boots come in at an easy 3” and the quintessential American style is right on trend. On NET-A-PORTERicon for $1,395.

Victoria Beckham Small Zip Pouch

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