Victoria Beckham Spring 2016 Collection Bags: The Big Time


Still on the fence about mini bags that hold nothing and are perhaps better suited for fourth graders? Not to fret. We are headed without hesitation back to bigger bag territory, if Victoria Beckham has anything to do with it. But don’t think larger means more somber and serious. The words Victoria herself used to describe her Spring ’16 collection? “Fresh and carefree,” to name a couple. That cool, laidback attitude comes across in each and every ready-to-wear piece, from the breezy panels of checkered patterns to the easy, deep-V dresses to the swingy skirts and palazzo pants to the flat loafers made for moving with total fluidity to the boldly colorblocked suede separates to the recurring surf motif.

But back to the bags. As much as I adore my micro-mini bags, I am in love with the exaggerated shapes on the Spring ’16 runways. Especially the supremely modern, moon-shaped shoulder ones shown at Victoria Beckham. Sure, these smooth leather creations are unabashedly huge, oversized enough to trump even the roomiest tote in your bag closet. (Not one to ignore practicality, Victoria also sent a couple standard-sized shoulder bags in colorblocked suede and leather down the runway.) I’m sure – or at least I hope – they’ll come in more life-friendly sizes once they hit the retail stores, but such simplistic grandeur makes a powerful statement, and that’s clearly the idea here.

The resulting vibe may be free and easy, but it takes work to make it all look perfectly facile. Backstage, Victoria shared that she is tough on herself and always looking for the next challenge, which doesn’t exactly come as a surprise considering what she continues to accomplish each and every season. Spring’s challenge seems to be convincing us all over again that bigger is, indeed, better. Now that she’s reeled us in with her crowd-pleasing Quincy bag, she’s ready to push her boundaries with the Moon bag. I don’t know about you, but she already has me swayed.

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  1. Maya
    September 22, 2015 / 3:44 am

    This bag will be an IT one, get yours before it sells out!

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